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Nicola Rubino
Cointegration Between Economic Activity and Oil prices in the OPEC Countries: A time Series Approach  pp. 1-29
Iwona Szczepaniak, Mirosława Tereszczuk
Confronting the Polish Dairy Industry with the International Competition in the EU Food Market 
pp. 31-51

Thi Anh Nhu Nguyen
Financing Constraints on SMEs in Emerging MarketsDoes Financial Literacy Matter? pp. 53-65

Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi, Fatma Muge Aslan
The Effect of Relational Risk Perception on Supplier’s Performance: 
An empirical study on Turkish strategic alliances  pp. 67-84
Abstract      Full Text

Thanh Thu Do
A Review of the Role of Collectors in Vietnam’s Rice Value Network  pp. 85-98

Phuoc Dai Huu Nguyen, Van Thanh Phan
The Role of E-Learning in Sustainable Business: A Case Study in Vietnamese SMEs pp. 99-105

Oscar Mauricio Cruz-Sanchez, Michael Hernando Sarmiento-Muñoz, Oscar Fernando Castellanos Dominguez
Disruptive Innovation: An Approach from Business Model for the Latin American Context 
pp. 107-123
Abstract        Full Text

Khatir Mohammed , Aliouat Rafik
The Importance of Quality Management System In Company Using The Method of Statistical Tables pp. 125-133 

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