An analysis on complaint behaviour of hotel guests in Italy

Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi 1

1 SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany

 Article History

Received: 4 May 2022       Revised:  28 August 2022       Accepted: 30 August 2022     Available Online: 4 September 2022

Keywords: complaint behaviour, online reviews, customer satisfaction, reputation risk, hospitality business

JEL classification: M31, M16, M15

Citation: Zoghi, F.S. (2022). An analysis on complaint behaviour of hotel guests in Italy, Review of Socio-Economic Perspectives, Vol 7(3), 19-25.


The main purpose of this study is to analyse the complaint behaviour of hotel guests based on their online reviews. Furthermore, the importance of hotel responses to complaints and its impact on reducing customer dissatisfaction will be highlighted. The study is designed as explorative and inductive. The methodological approach is a content analysis on secondary data and the data used in this research is scraped from Tableau Data Analytics (2020.4) has been used to analysis the large amount of data in the database. The findings of the study underline the importance of monitoring and responding online reviews, since it is the most common place for hotel guests to write their complaint or feedback. Furthermore, the results call hotel managers attention to measure reputation risk level from the online reviews and take necessary action when its threshold is exceeded in service related areas.

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Article Type: Original Paper


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