VOL 5 / ISSUE  1 / APRIL 2020


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Waqas Shair, Muhammad Tariq Majeed
Labor Market Outcomes of Non-Migrant Members in Response to Remittances : Evidence from Provincial Capital of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK)  pp. 1-22   
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP073
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Ashita Allamraju, Palakh Jain, Chavi Asrani
MSMEs and Competition Law in India: Victoms or Perpetrators   pp. 23-34   
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP074
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Emmanuel Erem
Investigating De Facto and De Jure Exchange Rate Regimes  pp. 35-60   
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP075
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Pietro Vertova
Time Preferences and the Property Rights Paradigm  pp. 61-75   
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP076
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Yang Liu
The Inter-Relations between Chinese Housing Market, Stock Market and Consumption Market  pp. 77-97 
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP077
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Yasir Mehmood, Syed Amjad Farid Hasnu
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity and Financing Constraints: A Study of Pakistani Business Group Firms
pp. 99-128
DOI: 10.19275/RSEP078
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