Challenges for marketing analytics application in Algerian enterprises: An empirical analysis


  • Soraya Sedkaoui
  • Mounia Khelfaoui



Marketing analytics, Big data, Organizational factors, Market factors, Algerian enterprises, Logit analysis


This study examines the difficulties encountered by Algerian enterprises in effectively employing marketing analytics. The research examines the influence of internal organizational factors, such as limited resources, investment in IT, and organizational culture, as well as external factors like regulatory constraints and economic conditions, on the probability of using marketing analytics. This analysis is based on a survey of 43 organizations. The results indicate that resource limitations, insufficient investment in IT, and a deficiency in a culture that values data-driven decision-making are significant obstacles to the application of marketing analytics. Regulatory considerations pose obstacles to the utilization of these analytical tools, especially in companies that handle sensitive client data. However, the perceived economic impact is not seen as the main factor driving the application of marketing analytics.