Rethinking the role of HRM during COVID-19 pandemic era: Case of Kuwait

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Published Online: 15 March 2021

Interrelation of working capital management and efficiency of the company

Sabina Mammadova

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Economic globalization in the 21st century: A case study of India

Sonia Mukherjee

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Fiscal decentralization and economic growth in Ecuador: Panel data on provincial council and municipalities since a heterodox vision

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Adapting macro-prudential instruments to achieve monetary policy objectives

Victoria Cociug

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The causes of school drop-out among scholars in rural areas

Bianca Bosoanca

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Economic analysis of fish traders access to formal finance in Cameroon

Mvodo Meyo Elise Stephanie, Fogne Mafongang Eden Herna, Ndam Lawrence Monah, Joe Assoua Eyong

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Causes and consequences of higher COVID-19 cases in India

Sabyasachi Tripathi

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